Nine Factors That Prevent Your Weight Vermeniz

There are many different ways you can do to lose weight. These include regular sports, regular and healthy diets, such as an appropriate diet list or a regular diet, dietary lists based on your blood group, and protein or carbohydrate diets. But if you believe that you have done everything that can be done to weaken and if you are not able to weaken somehow, then you are definitely making a mistake somewhere. Let’s talk about what these mistakes might be. Here are some factors that prevent you from attenuating;

  1. Popular Diets

There are some dietary lists that you hear from your friends, from the internet, on TV, from your friends. If you are hugging every diet that you hear that diet is so weightless, you’re doing the biggest mistake here. Because how each person’s hair color, size, eyebrow, eye differently, the functioning of the internal organs is different, and weakening weight gain will be different way. So a diet list that gives 10 pounds to someone else can give you 1 pound. A diet list that gives you 5 pounds may never lose weight to someone else. For this reason, never try to apply your own diet lists to others. If you want to lose weight, definitely go to a dietetician. Your dietician will ask you for many tests like blood and urine. As a result of this analysis, it will give you a specially prepared diet list based on your values. The dietary list given to you in your blood group and according to your analysis results will surely work. So instead of making popular diets, prepare your own diet list for your dietician and apply this diet list.

  1. Anemia

You apply diverse kinds of diets, you are doing sports, but if you are not able to weaken somehow, you may have anemia. Women who can not lose weight due to anemia are usually women. The person who is without blood becomes weak, unable to exercise and can not exercise because he is left without energy. For this reason, measure your blood value without complaining about not being able to lose weight. If you have an anemic disease, your doctor will treat you with the necessary measures to relieve your anxiety and you can easily start to lose weight in this process.

  1. Insulin Resistance

If the amount of insulin is very exaggerated in people who have a problem with the microscope, what the person does can not be weakened. First of all, if you go to the treatment of diabetes, you can get the chance to lose weight quickly. Because there is a need for insulin in the body to be able to transport the sugar molecule in the body. For this reason, first measure your sugar and take your doctor’s advice along with your values and see a dietitian.

  1. Thyroid Disorders

In fact, many people who want to lose weight and are unable to lose weight is a common problem of thyroid dysfunction. No matter how hard you try, most people can not lose weight. However, if you go to the doctor to do the necessary thyroid tests and go to the treatment according to the results, it may start to lose weight rapidly. If your thyroid values appear to work slowly in your thyroid tests, this is the biggest reason you lose weight. When your slow-working thyroids return to normal working order, it’s easier to lose weight and you’ll start to weaken when you apply your dietary lists.If you can not lose weight for this reason, definitely do your thyroid tests.

  1. Wrong Drug Use

In particular, some drugs have been sold, such as weight loss medicines sold on the market for the last 5 years, medicines claiming to burn fat. As long as these types of weight loss drugs are used, especially those that are not approved by the health ministry, you will receive at least 2 fold of your gross weight as soon as you are left weakening. After this process, sports, exercises, diet menus you are trying to do no longer work as well as before using the weight loss medicine. For this reason, you should never use any weight loss medicine other than doctor’s advice.