Pregnancy Symptoms

The delay may be caused by factors such as stress, changes in our lifestyle, diet and psychology.
The sooner we know how pregnant we are, the more we start to look at pregnancy. So we have to do a pregnancy test immediately when your period is delayed.

These tests are done with blood and urine, but the blood test is the most healthy test. Urine test is exactly 10 days after the delay of menstruation is determined.In this case, it is beneficial to consult your family physician and act. The tests we take from pharmacy and do ourselves are relatively low in reliability in the lab.

In the first three months of pregnancy, some psychological differences may be seen in the mother candidates. When the mother is cheerful she may be caught up in crying crises. At times irritable, time is very moody. These problems will diminish as the motherland of the mother gets pregnant.Sleep problems may also occur in many pregnancies, these are very common because all pregnant women live.

In addition to this, there may also be emotional changes in the father candidate. She is worried about her husband, she can not help because she is not living. But if there are children with children in their surroundings, it is fortunate to hear from their mouth that this is temporary, so it is the mother and father candidate. It should only be remembered that the most pro