Shock Diets Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that almost everyone, male and female, lived in a period of his life.When we investigate the causes of hair loss, what are the causes, there are many different conclusions. We may encounter multiple reasons such as lack of vitamins, seasonal changes, stress, use of wrong shampoo, inadequate hair care, dirty weather conditions, not enough hair washing. 
In addition to these factors that cause hair loss, a factor that is actually a very big factor but does not attract much attention is the wrong diets made and the shock diets made.Inadequate nutrition caused by wrong diets made leads to cancerousness and causes pinching of whole hair quickly. On the remaining hair, you can see that you have turned into worn, dull, cracked hair with shock diets. In shock diets you make, especially if you do not have protein-containing foods, your hair will soon pour out quickly due to protein.

If you want to have a healthy, bright, vibrant, thick-wire, non-spillage hair, you absolutely have to stay away from shock diets. Make sure that the foods you get contain protein, zinc, B12 vitamins, folic acid. Because these vitamins nourish the hair and hair root, strengthening, vitamins to prevent casting. Do not forget that the source of your hair roots is that you eat during the day. Your hair is fed through blood. The more indirectly you are fed, the healthier your hair will be, and it will not spill. 
Unconscious shock diets can not prevent hair loss from the most expensive hair care products in the world, and your hair will never be matt, lifeless, or scarce if the wrong diet lists applied to you cause anemia or anemia.For this reason, if you are looking for a cure for hair loss, the first thing you should know is that the hair is fed internally, it is reinforced from the outside. In order to prevent your hair from falling out or to stop the hair loss that has started, you should definitely stay away from shock diets, stay away from inappropriate dietary lists and go to a balanced, healthy diet. If you need it, of course, you can use supplemental hair restorers using various hair care products, hair care oils from the outside. However, it is impossible for hair follicles, hair creams or any hair care products to stop or prevent hair loss on your own without the repair of hair follicles. 
If you absolutely need to diet, if you need to lose weight and lose weight, you should try a dietary list according to your own blood group, a diet list according to your own health, instead of making shock diets. Otherwise you are weak but unhealthy and you can be in a position to fight against.