What Type Of Small Business Insurance Do You Need?

When you are looking for small business insurance quotes it can be quite a daunting and arduous task. With a little knowledge and research this can be made much easier if you know what you are looking for. Before going ahead get a small business insurance quote from a few different places and make sure they offer the policies that you need.

What Types Of Insurance Are There For Small Business?

General Liability

This will help to protect your business from general liability such as personal and advertising, property damage and bodily injury claims. All small businesses should have general liability insurance even if you don’t think that you will need it.

Business Owners Policy

This is designed especially for small businesses and includes basic cover which is needed to run a business. This is a good choice for small business owners as it covers both general and commercial property insurance together, usually at a discounted price.

The cover will generally include:

Business Income Cover in case of unexpected issues which could result in your operations being suspended. This can help you with your financial obligations by replacing loss of income.

Business Property Cover will protect any property that your business leases, owns or rents and also things such as equipment, fixtures, furniture and inventory.

Business Liability Cover will make sure that you can cover any costs related to harm or damage to a person or property.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation cover is necessary in the event that an employee is injured or falls ill on the job. This will cover the small business owner for medical expenses, time of work, permanent impairment, rehabilitation and in the event of death, payment of benefits.

Cyber Liability And Data Breach Cover

This is important in the case of your business being the victim of a cyber attack. This will cover costs of public relations, legal costs, notifications and solutions for identity protection. A cyber attack can ruin a business and restoring confidence in your company is important.

This cover is important for any company which holds client information, staff records and credit card details as well as other forms of electronic financial transactions.

Commercial Auto Cover

This will ensure that you are covered in the case of accidents and will pay for damages to property and medical expenses in the event of injury or death.

Any company that leases or owns vehicles, employs staff who use their own vehicles for business or has employees who use company vehicles.